"Natsuhiko, you’ve been enduring misfortune for a long time, haven’t you? The reward for that misfortune should be bestowed onto you soon, shouldn’t it?"

—From Chapter 5 of Ikasama Life Game

Akito Mamiya

Akito mamiya hatsuko

Akito mamiya fumi

Kanji 間宮アキト
Rōmaji Mamiya Akito
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Student
Status Alive
First Appearance
Song Our Revenge Policy
Novel Ikasama Life Game

Akito Mamiya (間宮アキト Mamiya Akito) is a character from the Life Cheating Game novel. He is the boy from the song Our Retribution Policy.


"Those swanky gestures, tallness ,the finely chiselled looks of a person from somewhere other than Japan that he had, he was really good-looking."[1]
Akito is a tall boy with light brown hair that parts in the middle and dark brown eyes. He wears the Kurihara East high school uniform: a grey blazer, white shirt, yellow tie and grey pants.


Akito exhibits two largely different personalities. To Natsuhiko and his other friends at school, he fabricates "a personality that can immediately make friends with anyone"[2] - a jokey, lighthearted yet loyal personality, which has caused him to become a popular student. His true nature, which is revealed to Ruma, is overly confident, looks down upon others and believes he is superior enough to judge others.

At first he is noticeably kind towards Ruma; he gifts her clothes and a room in his empty apartment.[3] But after Sora is killed, who he had an unrequited love for[4], he begins to "break" and instead becomes violent towards her.

Ruma grants Akito's wish for "Appropriateness" - he wishes for everyone in the world to be rewarded appropriately for their actions. After learning that Natsuhiko was indirectly responsible for her death, he wishes for Ruma to kill him in revenge which she succeeds at by the end of the novel.[5]




  • Though a specific outfit is never described, Natsuhiko's outfit that he wears on the cover of the novel was directly inspired by Akito's apparently flamboyant style.
  • Akito is the ace of the soccer club at Kurihara East high school. He has trophies from the tournaments he won in his living room. [6]
  • He lives alone in a large apartment his parents gave him.[3]
  • He is an only child, though he wishes he had a younger sister.[7]


  • “I want ‘retribution’ for the entire world.” - Akito to Ruma, Our Retribution Policy 1
  • “Oh? Oooh, Natsuhiko. And Fushimi too, good morning!” - Akito to Natsuhiko, Chapter 1
  • Kill that cheating bastard.” - Akito to Ruma, Our Retribution Policy 5