• Natsuhiko Shidou - The two became friends when they joined Kurihara High School and entered the same class. After learning about the future predicting card, Akito wishes for Natsuhiko to be killed in retribution for Sora's death.[1]

  • Sora Fushimi - Sora and Akito were never especially close, they were both mutual friends through Natsuhiko and called each other by their last names. However, Akito secretly held an unrequited love for Sora and believed she was similar to him, and therefore a superior being like himself. Her death causes Akito to 'break', wishing for revenge on those responsible. [2]

  • Ruma - Ruma grants Akito's wish for 'Appropriateness'. At first he is polite towards her, giving her gifts and treating her like a human, but after he 'breaks' he becomes violent and demanding towards Ruma. After she successfully grants his wish to kill Natsuhiko, he praises and kisses her [3]. It's unclear what his exact feelings towards her are.

  • Maki-chan - The two never meet, but after learning that Ruma's power cannot surpass Maki's, he wishes for Ruma to also kill her. [1]