Defeated Boy
Kanji 敗北の少年
Rōmaji Haiboku no Shounen
English Defeated Boy
Song Information
Music and Lyrics Kemu
Illustrations and Movie Hatsuko (Illustration)
Ke-sanβ (Video)
Artist GUMI
Released N/A
NND Link NicoNico Broadcast
YT Link Youtube Broadcast
PANDORA VOXX -complete-

Defeated Boy or Boy of Defeat (敗北の少年 Haiboku no Shounen) is the eigth and last song in the series. It was given the subtitle 「少年は神に成り損ねた」(The boy had failed to become God).


Boy of Defeat has always been the last song (with vocals) on every PANDORA VOXX album, and it tells the story of how Maki brings things to a close. The video ends off with a short message "Thank you. We'll meet again, someday."
This song has over 500000 views on NND and is currently the least viewed song in the series.


  • This song is track 11 on PANDORA VOXX, whereas on PANDORA VOXX -complete- it is track 10 on the second disk.
  • On PANDORA VOXX -reboot- it is sung by Soraru.
  • On the 3rd disk of PANDORA VOXX -reboot-, suzumu did a piano cover of the song.

Lyrics & Translation


ぶつかって 逃げ込んで
僕はいつしか ここに立ってた
誰もが憧れる ヒーローに
なりたくて でもなれなくて

これぐらいじゃ 届かないこと

敗北の少年 現実を謳うたえ
こんな夜に 意味があるなら

耳鳴りが こだまして
僕に 奇跡が 問いかけるんだ
「君の夢 憧れたヒーローに 今すぐ させてあげよう」

飴みたいに 差し伸べられたって

敗北の少年 存在を謳うたえ
こんな夜に 意味があるなら

鼓動を知って 息を吸い込んで


敗北の少年 平凡を謳うたえ
すれ違いの 物語よ

敗北の少年 現実を謳うたえ
こんな夜も 愛しいから


butsukatte nigekonde
boku wa itsushika koko ni tatteta
dare mo ga akogareru hiiroo ni
naritakute demo narenakute

kore gurai ja todokanai koto
wakatte ita noni

haiboku no shounen genjitsu o utae
anna fuu ni sora wa tobeya shinain da
konna yoru ni imi ga aru nara
bokura wa chi o hau

miminari ga kodama shite
boku ni kiseki ga toikakerun da
「kimi no yume akogareta hiiroo ni ima sugu sasete ageyou」

ame mitai ni sashi noberaretatte
ureshiku nain da

haiboku no shounen sonzai o utae
kimi mitai ni mabushiku wa narenai kedo
konna yoru ni imi ga aru nara
bokura wa chi o hau
mada chi o hau

kodou o shitte iki o suikonde
「boku wa enryo suru yo」

haiboku no...

haiboku no shounen heibon o utae
ainiku to kami wa shinjinai tachi de
surechigai no monogatari yo

haiboku no shounen genjitsu o utae
bokura wa doro o hai tsukubaru mono
konna yoru mo itoshii kara
bokura wa chi o hau
tada chi o hau

After struggling and running,
I had somehow ended up standing where I am
I'd wanted to become someone that everyone would admire,
a hero - but I couldn't

Of course, I'd already known; someone like me
isn't even halfway there

Defeated boy, sing praises of reality
None of us can fly through the sky like that
If there will be meaning to a night such as this,
we will crawl across the ground

A buzz echoes through my ears
A miracle is inviting me -
"Your dream - to become an admired hero - Why don't I make it come true right now?"

When it's just offered to me like a candy,
I can't be all that happy...

Defeated boy, sing praises of existence
We may not be able to become as radiant as you
But if there will be meaning to a night such as this,
we will crawl across the ground
And yet crawl the ground...

I feel my heartbeat and take a deep breath:
"Thanks, but I'm good."


Defeated boy, sing praises of normalcy
Unfortunately, gods aren't the sorts that should believed
So to this passing story,

Defeated boy, sing praises of reality
We will be the ones to crawl through the mud
Because even a night such as this is beloved,
we will crawl across the ground
And just crawl the ground...