Haruka Kurisawa

Haruka Novel Reference

Kanji 栗沢晴香
Rōmaji Kurisawa Haruka
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Student
First Appearance
Novel Invisible

Haruka Kurisawa is one of the main characters in the Pandora Voxx series.


In the Invisible Novel, she is seen wearing a school uniform which consists of a skirt that is made of deep red yarn, with a single white line reaching over the bottom, and a black princess-style blazer. Beneath the blazer, she wears a white shirt with collar, along with a thin red bow. The collar of the blazer itself is rounded and has a yellow frame, which also appears on two pockets located around her waist area. Buttons in the same shade of yellow can be found in the front and at both of her sleeves. To match the uniform, there are two black knee-socks with a single white stripe on the side opposite of the ankle. The shoes she wears are brown. She is wears a star clip at the right side of her hair.[1]


Haruka is Souhei's childhood friend and the girl he loves. She is a very graceful girl and is described a "Nadeshiko Yamato" type woman. In her spare time she enjoys sleeping and photography.[1]
Haruka, Souhei and Hijiri were all close friends, but eventually Haruka moved to an all-girl's high school. Souhei and Haruka often meet after school at the park and study at the library together.



  • She is allergic to cats, which means that she doesn't go out to meet Othello with Souhei.[1]
  • Her favorite band is «clouds».[1]
  • She apparently has a voice that makes her sound like she is about to cry.[1]
  • She is sometimes mistaken for Yui-chan from the song Reincarnation by the community.
  • In 'Haruka' (晴香), Haru (晴) means 'clear' or 'refresh' and Ka (香) means 'fragrance' or 'smell'. In 'Kurisawa' (栗沢), Kuri (栗) is the name for Castanea Crenata (Japanese chestnut) and Sawa (沢) means 'swamp', 'marsh', 'valley' etc.