Hijiri Aota
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 16-17
Status Alive
First Appearance
Novel Invisible

Hijiri Aota


Though it hasn't been described in the book, the novel image on Page 103 depicts Hijiri with dark, short hair which falls over his forehead. He wears the same uniform as Souhei.


"Souhei’s classmate. Bares the role in class of a handsome guy (ikemen). For some reason hates his childhood friend Souhei." [1]
A popular and handsome boy who used to be close friends with Souhei. Once they graduated high-school, he began to hate him. At the beginning of their second year of high school, he and his friends began to bully him.


In his second year of middle school (Grade 8), Hijiri joined the track and field club. Initially this was so he could get Haruka's attention, who he had a crush on. Suspecting that Haruka instead had a crush on Souhei, he over-trained himself so that he wouldn't lose to Souhei, which resulted in a fracture in his tibia. Ignoring this diagnosis, he continued to train but ended up also hurting his ankle after tripping over a whistle Souhei dropped on the track.
Unable to run anymore, Hijiri planned to coach Souhei in high school. When Souhei told him he couldn't continue track and field, Hijiri began to hate Souhei.
When Souhei and Hijiri are in the same class in their second year of high school (Grade 11), knowledge about Hijiri's injury became well known in his friendship group. This is when Hijiri's friends began to bully Souhei.


  • Hijiri (聖) roughly means 'Saint', 'Priest' or 'Holy person', perhaps referring to the role of which his classmates deem him as. Aota (青田) means 'blue rice paddy'
  • He has a fracture in his tibia. Because of this, running causes him pain.
  • He lives in the same housing estate as Haruka.