I Want You To Like Me
PANDORA VOXX complete album illust
Kanji 君にモテたい
Rōmaji Kimi ni Motetai
English I Want You To Like Me
Song Information
Music and Lyrics Kemu
Artist Kagamine Rin & GUMI
Released April 30, 2012
Album PANDORA VOXX -complete-

I Want You To Like Me / Wanting to Hold You (君にモテたい Kimi ni Motetai) is an exclusive song, which is featured on the PANDORA VOXX -complete- album.



  • This song is track 4 on the first disk of the PANDORA VOXX -complete- album.

Lyrics & Translation


Things like, “you’ll be liked at least once in your lifetime”
Back then, we were innocence itself
When we realized, we were leaving people behind

If their appearance is fine,
something just a bit better is

bristled, wavy hair, worthy of special mention
a sight from them just out of the bath is an illusion

Aah, oh god!
Class 3's Yoshida-kun's hair
is my my ideal,
so when I open my eyes,
please replace mine with it

The next morning, a miracle came to us
My desired hairstyle
smooth cuticles
just like a girl's

Aah, oh god!
That such a easily combed
morning would come to me
and on top of that, my armpit hair
is straight

I want to be liked, I want to be liked
I want to be liked by you
I push my bangs which sway in the wind
but even then, even then
you gave a bitter smile
complicated beyond description

Since then, I've been staring at the mirror through the entire night
Now that I think about it, this hairstyle and my physical constitution
are too unbalanced
Yoshida-kun from class three's favorable review is,
"Your strong perm definitely suits you, as expected"
It is because he is a slim macho, isn't it?

Aah, oh god!
Class 1's Koike-kun's build is very
Those soft, springy pectorals

I want to be liked, I want to be liked
I want you to like me
I flash my upper arms casually

Even then, even then
you face is stunned
so complicated beyond description

I want to be liked, I want to be liked
But it seems I am not liked by you, or by others
It is like I am not liked at all!

"I liked you weren't so unattractive."
Even if you say that now
I eventually realize, this long macho, hair
is just like a metal singer who cannot sell
just like a metal singer who cannot sell