Invisible Novel
Kanji インビジブル
Rōmaji Inbijiburu
English Invisible
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Invisible (インビジブル Inbijiburu)


Due to his former best friend, Hijiri, taking advantage of some trouble from middle school, Souhei, a 2nd year in high school, was isolated in his class. He does not get along with one family member, his aunt, and even the one person who understands and who he’d secretly fallen in love with, his childhood friend Haruka, had become someone Souhei’s hand can’t reach. Furthermore, ever since he met a mysterious girl called Maki, his isolation in class had sped up. Souhei, who lost his place to belong, realizes that his own body is not reflected in others’ eyes, and his voice would not reach others. He had become an invisible person...


Invisible tells the story of Souhei Shima , a young boy who, after having an argument with Hijiri Aota , finds himself being granted his wish by Maki to turn invisible. Souhei's mother died when he was young, and his father didn't take him in, so Souhei now lives with his aunt. The light novel also talks about his love, Haruka Kurisawa , whom he had been friends with since he began school. 
Souhei then realizes that after turning invisible, he can't live in the world that other people live in, and finds himself travelling to the Transparent City, where he meets Riina and Seiji; people who have also turned invisible.
Riina and Souhei work together for a while, but after Souhei breaks the law and returns back home to settle things with Hijiri, he finds his father and is taken to prison. His father explains to him that he and Riina are half-siblings, and that he thought Souhei was dead, which is why he didn't take him in.
Souhei then discovers that, after a conversation with Maki, the Transparent City was all created by Maki to give Souhei a place to call home, and the city is then destroyed upon discovering so. Riina returns home to her foster parents and Souhei, Seiji and his father return back to Hachiougi with Haruka.


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