Maki Tamagawa


Maki Novel Reference

Kanji マキ
Rōmaji Maki
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Student
Status Alive
First Appearance
Song Life Cheating Game
Novel Ikasama Life Game

Maki-chan (マキちゃん Maki-chan), also known as Maki Tamagawa (玉川マキ Tamagawa Maki) , is one of the main characters in the Pandora Voxx series. She was first shown in Life Cheating Game, however, she was always present in every song as she was the cause of every miracle.


Maki has short pink hair, layered over messy hair that grows out by her shoulders. She has purple eyes and is often seen with either of 3 different types of studded earrings, a diamond, a heart and the PANDORA VOXX logo. She has a striped top that she wears under a push-up bra. Underneath she has black sleeves. She wears a separate jacket and is sometimes seen with suspenders that connect to her belt. She wears a white waistcoat and black shorts. Additionally, she wears ripped tights that also serve as her boots, which go up to her thighs.[1]


Maki is a professor who created the wish granting device, PANDORA VOXX. Supposedly, Maki wished to become a God with the help of the device. Although she appears young, Maki-chan's age is unknown. She is laid back and often uses rude vocabulary. Though she is a god that grants the wishes of humans, sometimes her implementation is a little off, so the results are different from what was intended.[2] Maki appears both in what appears to be peoples dreams and reality. She enters into people's dreams and grants their wishes, leaving some effect in the physical world.
In the Invisible novel, Maki goes under the name of Maki Tamagawa. She enrolls into Souhei's school, even though she still grants wishes, and being portrayed as a girl that can do anything, exceeding in sports and piano, she attracts a lot of attention to herself. Natsuhiko describes her as "Such an impressive appearance, I don't think I could ever forget, even if I only saw it once.", and she is often described as "pretty enough to be an idol".[3]





  • She has a D-Cup.[citation needed]
  • The name Maki is essentially opposite to the word 'Kami' (神), which means 'God'.
  • In the name she takes in Invisible, Tamagawa (玉川), Tama (玉) means 'jewel' and Kawa (川) means 'river'.