Mop Heroism
Pandora VOXX cover
Kanji モップヒロイズム
Rōmaji Moppu Hiroizumu
English Mop Heroism
Song Information
Music and Lyrics Kemu
Artist GUMI
Released April 30, 2012

Mop Heroism (モップヒロイズム Moppu Hiroizumu) is an exclusive song, which is featured on the PANDORA VOXX album.



  • This song is track 9 on the PANDORA VOXX album.

Lyrics & Translation


Staying after school to clean up
In one hand is my mop and a wild idea
The world gets upset about
The grave and giant incident
I hope it happens here

Looking towards the noisiness
On the other side of the window
The king of evil was descending
In the middle of Tuesday's Pre-Test

Use your right hand to mop
So you can face the young boy
"You are the Hero of Legend" the old one said
Dazzling enough to Mop up
A funny situation
It seems that my dream
Had come true like a wish

"With the exception of my mop,
nothing will be effective"
A serious chairman
Serious dialogue
I start to laugh
Take a gulp

Hold the mop within your right hand
Receive a brandishing cheer
"Soak it on the side for effectiveness" The old one said
It's all about pain, this mop,
A convenient circumstance
The world will be colored by

Take the mop in your right hand
Don't forget to mop the left too
The old man divides and multiplies
The devil must have gone somewhere
The mop on my right knee
The old one is 10,000,000,000
It seems I am on the edge
My imagination is limited