Ruma (ルマちゃん Ruma-chan) is a being Maki-chan wished for to help grant wishes.

Ruma (ルマちゃん)
Kanji ルマちゃん
Rōmaji Ruma-chan
Gender Female
Species Imigo
Occupation Wish-granting being
First Appearance
Novel Ikasama Life Game


Ruma has long silver hair with bangs at the front. She has vacant blue eyes and pale skin. She is seen wearing a long black robe over a shorter black dress, which are both tied together by a black belt. She sometimes wields a scythe, like Maki-chan. Natsuhiko describes her like a 'shinigami' ( God of death)


Ruma was a being created by Maki to grant wishes. She was created inside a 'container'. At some point, she is drawn to Akito Mamiya who wishes for Ruma to kill Natsuhiko Shidou and Maki-chan upon learning that they are the reason for Sora Fushimi's death. She manages to kill Natsuhiko when he attempts to save Maki's life and dodges in front of her as Ruma is about to attack.


  1. Our Revenge Policy (ぼくらの報復政策 Bokura no Houfuku Seisaku)


  • Though the resemblance is not clear, Maki claims that she is a copy of her.
  • She is the first 'Imigo' (such as Riku and Ai)