• Natsuhiko Shidou - Natsuhiko and Sora have known each other for their whole lives. They attended elementary school together and now attend high school together at Kurihara East. Sora confesses her love to Natsuhiko and the two start going out together. [1]

  • Akito Mamiya - Sora and Akito were never especially close, they were both mutual friends through Natsuhiko and called each other by their last names. Sora doesn't seem to like Akito much. This is apparently because she thinks they're too similar. [2]

  • Momiji Shidou - Sora and Momiji have an extremely close, sister-like relationship. [3]

  • Maki-chan - Sora has always been wary of Maki-chan. At first this comes from the jealousy of Natsuhiko dreaming about her, but when Maki-chan grants her wish and the two meet in person, Sora becomes suspicious about her abilities and her true identity. [4]