Wind-Up God
Kanji カミサマネジマキ
Rōmaji Kamisama Nejimaki
English Wind-Up God
Song Information
Artist GUMI
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Wind-Up God (カミサマネジマキ Kamisama Nejimaki) is the 6th song in the series. It was given the subtitle 「少年は無垢すぎた」(The boy was too innocent). This song features Maki Tamagawa.


This song tells the story of Maki-chan and how she gave out wishes. At first the response is positive and she gives out wishes to whoever wants them. Later, the public turn their back against her and call her 'A great villian, driving people mad with miracles'. At the end she gives up and stops. This song has over 1200000 on NND and is also featured in the VOCALOID hall of legends.


Maki Tamagawa has become a 'Wind-up God' through the Pandora Voxx (the cube that appears in most of the PVs) and in order for her to stay as a God she needs to grant wishes, hence she is wound-up by wishes. Maki and the people whose wishes she granted are initially happy, as everything goes well, but all the wishes Maki grants end up having unwanted and catastrophic side-effects. However, when Maki is approached by people whose wishes have been granted by her, who appear tormented by the results of their wishes. Maki chooses not to listen to them, labelling their misfortune as 'inevitable' and begins to see the Pandora Voxx as an object that is too tempting to mankind and that has led to a 'flood of wishes', desensitising Maki.
As more and more of the granted wishes end in disaster, Maki is labelled as 'a great villain' who has been 'driving people mad with miracles'. However, Maki sees all the problems associated with her powers as being the faults of the wish-makers, making 'meaningless' wishes like 'disappearing, becoming transparent (Invisible), making predictions (Life Cheating Game), or trying to reset (Life Reset Button)'.
Later on, most likely around the time Reincarnation takes place, Maki begins doubting herself, and realises that she has become empty and that she was disillusioned when she originally created the Pandora Voxx, as she always knew deep down that something so seemingly perfect wouldn't work as well as intended. She starts to blame herself for all the tragedies caused by the Pandora Voxx, and even though she believes that the current world is full of sin, 'it's dear' to her.
Before the world becomes corrupted by her godly powers, she cries out for someone to "kill me". Maki loses her grip on the situation, saying she 'can't take this anymore'. So, to end what she started, she stops granting wishes. Whether she dies or not is unclear, but she certainly loses her powers.


  • It is track 5 on PANDORA VOXX, whereas t is track 3 on PANDORA VOXX -complete-.
  • On PANDORA VOXX -reboot- it is sung by Gero.
  • This song was not featured on PANDORA VOXX Disk 2, but was remixed into a western type of song on PANDORA VOXX -reboot- disk 3.

Lyrics & Translation

お前のせいだよ カタストロフィ
Omae no sei dayo katasutorofi

天才学者は閃いた 人類全ての願いを
Tensai gakusha wa hirame ita jinrui subete no negai wo
消化する装置を作れば 平和な世界になるのでは?
Shouka suru souchi wo tsukureba heiwa na sekai ni naru no de wa?

ボイコット状態全知全能 果実の香りにつられて
Boikotto joutai zenchi zennou kajitsu no nioi ni tsurarete
機械仕掛けのカミサマ はめ込んで出来上がり
Kikai jikake no kamisama hame konde deki agari

Hora hora mite mite dai hatsumei
Negai wo zenbu kanaeru shinshouhin
欲望全開 争奪戦
Yokubou zenkai sou datsusen
Muki dashi no genjitsu
Semaru gunshuu
Are are konna hazu ja

Kamisama nejimaki
Kajitsu ga ama sugita you de
堰を切って 溢れた願いは正直
Seki wo kitte afureta negai wa shoujiki
Ara ara nanto maa
Nee「konna hazu ja」nante
Zettai naki tsuitatte
Kiicha kurenai
Noppiki naranai
お前のせいだよ カタストロフィ
Omae no sei dayo katasutorofi

欲望 願望 塗れで 泥沼這いずるミラクル
Yokubou ganbou mamire de doronuma hai zuru mirakuru
消したり 透けたり 予知したり リセットしたりの
Keshi tari suke tari yochi shitari risetto shitari no

「責任転嫁でカタ付けよう」 伝播 伝播 対処法
「Sekinin tenka de katatsuke you」 denpa denpa taisho hou
やり玉に上がる役は当然 開発者のこの僕だ
Yari dama ni agaru yaku wa touzen kaihatsu ja no kono boku da

Hora hora mite mite dai akutou
Kiseki de hito wo madowasu boutoku sha
大衆心理の 総力戦
Taishuu shinri no souryokusen
Hinketsu no shoukei
Semaru gunshuu
Are are konna hazu ja

『明日 君は』 『どうがんばちゃっても死にますよ』
"Ashita kimi wa" "dou ganbachatte mo shi ni masu yo

Kamisama nejimaki
Kajitsu ga ama sugita you de
こぼれ切って 掬ってまた注いで
Kobore kitte sukutte mata sosoi de
Nani ga shitaindaka
Nee「shinjiteta no ni」nante
Shinji ya shinai deshou
Noppiki naranai
僕のせいですか カタストロフィ
Boku no sei desu ka katasutorofi

Yari naoseru nara sou suru sa
Inakunareru mono nara sou suru sa
こんな事に なるなんて分かってりゃ
Konna koto ni naru nante wakatterya
何も無い世界も きっと
Nani mo nai sekai mo kitto
Ima yori zutto toutokute
Itoshii noni

Kamisama nejimaki
Sekai no esa ni naru mae ni
Kikai jikake no sono te de
「Boku wo koroshite」

ただもっと 素敵な三次元を
Tada motto suteki na sanjigen wo
夢 見ただけなのに 届かない
Yume mita dake na no ni todoka nai

Kamisama nejimaki
Kajitsu ga ama sugita you de
Boku wa tsukiai kirenai
Minasama douka ogenki de
また未来(こんど)の標的 少年へ
Mata kondo no hyouteki shounen e
冗談と甘い汁は ほどほどに
Joudan to amai shiru wa hodo hodo ni
それではさよなら またいつか
Sore de wa sayonara mata itsuka

It's all your fault, this Catastrophe!

If a genius were to create a device, granting all humanity's wishes
The world would be at peace. And then?

A state of boycotting the all-knowing, drawn by the aroma of that fruit
Completely taken in, by a mechanical god

Hey, look, look! A grand invention!
A new item to grant every wish
A competition of insatiable desire
A reality laid bare
A gathering crowd
"What? I never expected..."

A wind-up god
the fruit having been too sweet
The flood of wishes are honestly
wow it's just so much
Holding me and crying
"I never expected..."
I'm not going to listen
It was ineviteble
It's all your fault, this Catastrophe!

Smeared in craving and desire. A miracle gotten by dragging oneself through filth
Dissapearing, becoming transparent, making predictions, trying to reset
It's meaningless

"Shift the blame to another" Transmission, Propogation, a Coping method
A victimizing battle is naturally expected. It's creator is me

Hey look, look! A great villian!
A defiler driving people mad with miracles
All out war caused by the public's state-of-mind
An anemic longing
A gathering crowd
"What? I never expected..."

A wind-up god
the fruit having been too sweet
Through nothing is left, you still try to scoop some out to fill yourself
What do I want to do?
Hey, even if you say "But I believed"
You really don't, do you?
It's inevitable
Is it my fault? This Catastrophe

If I can do it again, that's what I'll do
Having become non-existant, that's what I'll do
I know that I've become something like that
Surely even an empty world
has more value than the present
And yet it's dear to me

A Wind-up god
Before the world's sustenance
becomes mechanical in this way,
"Kill me"

Only seeing more wonderful 3-D dreams
and yet, I cannot reach you

A wind-up god
the fruit having been too sweet
I can't take this anymore
Everyone, please stay well
Now, for the next point, this for the young boys
Take your jokes and sweet drinks in moderation
Well then, farewell. See you again someday