Yuuto Hashidate
Occupation High School Student
Status Alive

Yuuto Hashidate


Yuuto has messy black hair that grows down his neck. He is often seen wearing his orange jacket and ripped jeans from Jinsei Reset Button, but the picture to the side is Yuuto in his official school uniform. He has brown eyes and his cube is orange.


Yuuto Hashidate is a perfectionist, and when his life takes a turn for the worst he can't bear the fact that he messed up. He is a cool, calm character and sort of arrogant. He has one close friend, Shuu, and knows Natsuki Sugita from his childhood. After meeting Maki-chan, he gets the life reset button and is able to turn his life back so that he can fix his mistakes. He looked up to his older brother as a role model, aspiring to be just like him, who he believes is the perfect human being.


  • Yuuto was once portrayed as GUMI, but as the series became more popular he was given a proper persona.